Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1903-1905, January 07, 1905, Image 3

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Oiley JJoss Falk Betoeen (ars His Injuries W ere Fatal and He Dies W ithin a Few Hours. He W a s a Railway Fireman. HOTEL g a y l o : S i a s t a n d & i n a * t C q u i p p a d J f o a e l i n ' i f • \ w i r S’ w MILLER «■ LEWIS Proprietors While attempting to climb aboard of a awiit moving freight train at the Co* Iambi* Falla depot at one o'clock Wedueedar afternoon Charley Boat, of Whitefisb, wab thrown between care and fatally injured. His head was severely cut and several cars passed over bis left leg before the train was stopped. The leg was severed close to bis body. Charley bad been to Kalispell on buni- nesa and on his wav baik had stopped here for a short visit with friends. He was a regular fireman on one of the freight engines. When attempting to board the freight for Whitefisb he car­ ried a bundle under his right arm and wore a heavy oyer coat. He grasped a rear ladder of a box car and in. another instant was dashed to pieces. After being caried to the depot platform he lay unconscious for some time and medical aid was summoned and Drs. Bobtnson and Consier responded to the call. Both west bouth west bound psssengers were at the depot^and alter a short conference with R. R. officials the mangled form of poor charlev was taken aboard the train for Wbitefish and hs was accompained to that place by Dr. Conaler. Before being placed on the train Roes became rational and was asked by the writer who he wan an where he came from. He said: “ My name ie Charley Rom. j am a fireman. I came from Whiteflsh and I am going to YTMtettsh What is the matter around here any wav. Where am I and what lias hap* pned? Won’t eouie of you straighten out my left leg down them and rub it a little. It seems to be cramped and tangled?” He epoke in a clear, fun voice and without the leant concern and it is almost certain that lie did not realise his awful condition. But when told that he bad a mix up with the cars and was fearfully hurt there was not the slightest change in his expression. After being taken to Whfteflih skilled surgeons attended him and done every thing they could to save his life but ho expired shortly after the operation was performed. The deceased was quite well and favorably known at Kalispell, Whitehall and Colombia Falla but the writer was unable to learn anything concerning his relatives or former home. That man who is scrupulously polite and respectful to all women in pnbiic, bat habitually saves coarse manners and vulgar language lor bis own wife and daughters, is no gentleman. Gen­ uine good manners and gentle breeding should begifi at home. As a rule the best men in the community are the best at home. IE. H. SNYDER IGOMPANYI Druggists Have now on display all kinds of holiday presents, Christmas and N e w Year cards, Souvenir China, T o y s , and Tree Ornaments. Calendars andAlmanacs Free for yourhomts. Many men delight to play the heavy swell in a uniform that is. gaudy apd cheap. There is a species of treason in cary- ing water on both sholdiers in a love affair. In every man there is a disposition to do the grand where women are i cerned. Home women say nice things in a way that brings a feeling of pride as well as satisfaction. When one man sneers at anothey it is lair to presume that Jealously is at the bottom o f it. G. H. Depot Is Masked Highwayman Point an Ugly Gun A t the Agent. It hurts a woman’s pride to have an­ other woman share with her a man’i attention. If you want the real thing take the C o­ lumbian. It gives y ou all the news all the time. * * • * About six o'clock yesterday morning the depot at Colombia Falls was entered by a masked robber and the agent commanded to be quiet while the boglar pot the day’s receipts in his pocket and departed. The amount taken la said to bavs been between $50 and $100. The safe was not molested. The . boglar effected an entrance by pnnrhiqg oat a sanh'of the front or office window with a 2x6 plank and quickly covering the agent with an ngly gun. The rubber was a medium sited man rather h.avy for his height and wore a mask and had flour on his hair and mustache. ' When the crash came the agent made an effort to get bis gnn bui he waa called too quick­ ly. There were several very tough look- iog characters about the depot on the evening previous. PUBLIC NOTICE. Columbia Falls Dec. 27 1901. Known all men by this, that. I War^ rea P. Read. Giva my consent to my eon Ohae A Reed, to go out into the world and earn his own living, and, from this date, I will have no more control oyer my son’s wages, nor any of. his business transactions, and that I will not be responsible lo r any bills which he may conntract, and from this date he is his own master and manager. Warren P. Reed Snbecribed and sworn to before Thomas Carroll, J . P. Dave Grove f. 5 . Stryker Dealer in General Merchandise. COLUMBIA. F A L L S , MONT. J I I S T E V E N S A T T O R N E Y -A T -L A W Prabtic. in sf*t« tnd F—l..» I Con ru and before the Land Office Notary Public, Postoffice Block. Kalispell - - Montana. , JAS KENNEDY} _ D R T J O - G U S T 1 OOUKBIA FALL*, MONTANA. 1 Dealers in draggs and med-^ , icinea, paints, oils and glass. J ^Stationary and fancy goods,S 5cigars tobaccos and confections) I Always apan. ELECTRIC U GH 1 8 Colombia Falls is soon to have an electric light system. Mr. Tinkle, of Kalispell, has fully decided to etretch a wire'from Holt to Whitefish by way of Columpia Falla. Work on the system is to commence toon. Dave Greve’a cow and calf have been recovered. Ike Phillips brought them iu from the tall timber. Never was a sincere word utterly tost. Never speak boating y of your hosi- Neglect not t the body. (mu dm Fresh milk all tha time. » a day. r if yon can possibly e iuiud. wh le cariug lor No fool can be sileut at a feast. Lot any one be idle lung enough and he will break ont into some folly. No legacy is no rich as honesty. Lot time, which makes you comely, make yon sage. The worst unMh-f is b-lief in your­ self. False hood is cowardice: Truth it con rage. Hope 'a the poor man’shread. To live in fra is many dm -s to die. Two of a trade seldom agree. When a man regard* himself as ir­ resistible it in time to do some qniet thinking and self-abnegation. Nine-tenths of all oar troubles come becQMe we neglect to say no. • No man should part with his own In- divdnalltty and become that of another. Tlie lazy man trims at nothing and ;eneraly hits it. Dependence isa poor trade. Hanger is sharper thsn the sword. It is well to take time in thinking be­ fore making accusations. James A. Talbott spent the holidays t home with his family in Columbia Fails. •rrv Shannon, who ha* been ill for - time, is dow on the road lo re cevery. There were 444 teachers registered at t*t» teacher*’ association at Helena ■cently. Prof. T. A. Butcher of this place waa one of the number. About twenty-five school mates of Carl Boucher gathered en masse at his fathers home Wednesday evening as a ir prise to Carl. They all report haying good time. There was over 60 couples In custume at the mnsqnerae ball in Mani’s ball on the 2nd. All those who attended are thuaiaatic over the good time they had and the social com mittae are already figuring on having another masquerade on February 14th, The prizes were awarded to Jim Metjaka who represented a gentleman coon and to Miss Fidelia Wilbur who represented the cast of an old lady. Many of the costumes were hsndaome and costly. COLUMBIAN ALLS, - MONTANA i A social organization bag been formed in Colombia Falls and it ie the object of the organization to give a social ball at Main’s ballon the second and fourth Fridays of each month. J. A. Robldeau, Elmer Gonlin and George Clark are tbe committee who will have' charge of affairs and they will make each of the occasions a success. Invitatians are extended to all and the dancing privileges will be fifty cents each night. The music and hall has alrerdy been engaged for the season. J. K. MILLER . ATTO R N E Y-AT-LA W. NOTARY PUBUC. Conlln ft Miller Block. Practices In All the Courts. Columbia Falls • • Me E I R E - - j^rRTC IN S X J R -A 2 S T O E Pacific Fire nnderv Firemans Fund Insurance Oo. Home Fire and Marine Insurant* Co- Michigan Fire and Marine Insolence Co Also Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co of Newark New Jerasy. J I f BOUCtlER, T h e Truth A b o u t Local H a p ’ s as 'T w a s T o ld T o U s. To live long is necessary to live slow­ ly- Jean Sullivan is recovering from i Severe attack of rheumatism. Rod Hawkins, the violinist, has re- turned.to Colombia Falls. Mrs. Florence Hahn and eon Loyd de­ parted for Defiance, Ohio, on Thursday morning’ s train. On the evening pre­ vious to her departure there was a large gathering of her friends at the home i her mother. Mis. Hannnah Newton and tbeart terpen-horean, of which Mr*. Hahn ie ansdebt schollar, was indulged in uatii the wee srnaa hoars anont the twal. Mre. Hahn purposes making her future home at the residence of her grandmother in Defiance. Oar friend Chapman, of the Kalispell Bee, rscitee one of the most beautiful toast* that was ever related withoat be­ ing pat in print. He says Ben King, of the Chicago Record, is the aarthor, but it ie more likely that Mr. Chapman ie the Ben king and it is certain that he can recite it in a manner that would make the aarthor proud. The toast was delivered at a recent banquet and is strictly a printer’ s tout. It runs some­ thing like this: If I should die tonight and yon should come to my corpse and say-weeping and heart sick o ’er my .life­ less clay ; if I should die tonight and yon should come to me in deepest grief and woe and say, here’s that ten dollars that I owe, I might arise in my large white cravat and say, What’s that? If should die tonight and you should come to me and kneel, grasping mv bier to show the grief you feel, I say if I should .] die to night and you should come to me and there and then just hint about pay­ ing me that ten I might arise the while but I’d drop dead again. DOTH MONKEY WITH OTHER HATS _ _ ^ BUY A P atterson The Patterson hat andevefy- other article in the gents funr shingline are for sale at the right prices at It [ Kennedy’s COLUMBIA,

Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 07 Jan. 1905, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053047/1905-01-07/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.