Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.) 1903-1905, January 07, 1905, Image 1

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Japanese Officers nder Hold a Banquet n The formal entry of the Japanese in- of the hi Port Arthur, January 8, w ill be an Capitulation Compact Signed. . Tokio.—The text of General Nogi'a telegram announcing the capitulation of the Russian foroea at Port Arthur is a a follow*: “ The plenipotentiaries of both part­ ies oonoluded their negotition* Monday at 4:80 o’clock. The Russian commis­ sioner aooepted on the whole the con­ ditions stipulated by us and oonsented to capitulate. The document has been prepared and the signatures will be affixed. Simultaneuoely with the con­ clusion of the nogtlations both armies suspended hostilities. It is expected that the Japanese army will enter the city of Port Arthur Tuesday.” imposing speotacle. The Japanese officers will be given a banquet in the city hall January 10. £ . JThe\ reason for the surrender of the fortress is evident from a visit to Wan­ ts! hill. The entire strength of the position lay in the main line of the Port Arthur has surrendered. Ex­ hausted by the months of almost oon- stant fighting, decimated by disease and casualties and hopelessly sealed in its rooky fortress, the gallant garrison has yielded to its gallant beselgers and the end Is now written of one of the moat dramatio war inoidents of modern \ Article 2.—A ll forts, batteries, warships, other ships and boats, Jarms ammunition, horses, all materials for hostile use, government buildnigs and all objeott belonging to the Russian government shall be transferred to the Japanese army in their existing condi- The possession of Wantia gave the beselgers the key to the forts east of the city- The hijla in the rear were ndt fortified and afforded a full oover for. the assaulting forces. The London Daily Telegrph’s JPort Arthur correspondent tcleraphs a pic­ turesque account of the selge at the time of the negotiations for the eapit- ulatiiou of Port Arthur. He says: “ It was a magnlfloent sunny day with a wonderfull stillness reigning on the belligerent line*. A strange oon- oonoourso was gsthered in the viuinity of the cottage where two white flag* showed that the parlementairea were A t 9 o’olook Sunday night General Nogi, oommandnig the Japanese army of invasion, received from the Russian general, Stoessel, a note saying that be fonnd resistance useless and asking for a meeting to arrange terms of capitu­ lation. The note was simple and direct and the Japanese general immediately named commissioners to oonfer with representatives of the Russian com­ mander. They met at noon Monday to arrange the conditions of surrender. The nature o f the’ terms agreed upon is not yet known, hut dlspatohes/ from Tokio indicate that they will be of the most magnanimous oharaoter. The emperor of Japan himself, through the ohief of staff, has given buplio his ex­ pression that “ General Stoessel has rendered commendable aervioo to his oonntry in the midst of diffloolties, ’ ' and that it toito wish \that military honors be shown him. ’ ’ A dispatch from Tokio quotes mili- taiy opinion as believing that the en­ tire garrison will be allowed to march out under arms and may be sent to Russia on parole. Late dlspatohes from Japan have shown that the gal­ lant defense of Stoessel and hla men has nowhere bee a given a finor appre­ ciation than in the land of hia foes, and It is more than likely that Japan w ill embrace the-opportunity to show her magnanimity and admiration of .the gallantry of Port Arthurs’ defend­ ers by allowing them all the honors which war permits a victorious army to bestow upon the vanquished. The following is the letter reoeived by Nogi from Stoessel: “ Jngding by the general oondition gotiations shall be annulled, and the to their respective tents before the flfst Japanese army will take free action, document was completed, and at 4 ” Article 5.—The Russian military o'clock dispatched it torieneral Stoes- and naval authorities shall prepare sel at Port Arthur. An hour later the and transfer to the Japanese army a second document was completed and table showing the frotiflcatlons at Port handed to another Cossack, who, ac- Arthur and their respective positions, companied by Japanese cavalrymen, and maps showing the location of dashed toward Port Arthur. Later, mints, undergonnd, submarine, and a l l; when dnsk set in, General Stoessel other dangerous objects; also a table signed the documents, and the tele- showing the composition and system of. phone infcrmed the investing troops the army and naval servioes at Port of the glad tidings. Immediately ‘ ban- Arthnr; a list of army and naval offl- zais’ were shonted and Bengal lights oers, with names, rank and dories of and flares flashod from ridge to ridge said officers; a list of army steamers until midnight, when all again beoame and warships and other ships, with stxangly quiet. ” numbers of their respective crews; a ------------------------- - list of civilians, showing the number SAD REUNION OF CHADWICK8. ouparion. “ Artiole 6.—Arms, inoluding those carried on the person; ammunition, war materials, government buildings, obejots owned by the government, horses, warships and other ships, in­ oluding their oonteuts, exoept private property, shall be left in their present positions, and the commissioners of the Russian and Japanese armies shall de- oide upon the method of their trans- Husband of the Now Notorious Wo­ man Sees Wife. Cleveland, O., Jan. 2.—Sheriff Barry and Dr. Leroy 8. Chadwick have ar­ rived here from New York. A ball bonB for 110.000 was furnished for Dr. Chadwick's appearance In criminal cour$.’ — 7 As soon as the formalities in con­ nection with the bond were completed Dr. Chadwick was admitted to the woman’s department of the jail, where his wife isyfeld a prisoner. Husband and Wife Meet. The meeting between the two was pathetic in the extreme. Mrs. Chad­ wick arose when she heard the steps in the corridor and fell into her hus­ band’s arms when she recognised him. Both broke down and wept con­ vulsively for several minutes, while clinging to each other, the sheriff at­ tempting meanwhile to console them. There was no artificiality about the scene. Genuine grief, genuine Joy In­ termingled. Even the sheriff was deeply affected. Little by little the first shock grew less severe and the two sat down for a talk that con­ tinued for an hour and a half. There were pleadings and partial responses when the more serious predicament of husband and wife were aj length appreciated. Dr. Chadwick has lost his all in the operations of his wife, and the large Independent fortune of his only child has been swept away. Sufficient rea­ son, It would seem, for some show of hardness on his part Mrs. Chadwick tried to imbue him with the/ thought of her Innocence of any wrongdoing. His' only response to these pleas was \I hope so.” ‘Trust Me, Trust Me,” She Cries. The trouble Into which both have been plunged were thoroughly dls- Subscrlptions of $76,629.?0 have been raised for the new Young Men's Christian Association building at Spo­ kane. and the construction of the fine new home is assured. Rural free delivery route No. 7 has been ordered established February 1 Fred Culver of Lewiston, Idaho, candi­ date for •attorney general of his state on the demooatio tioket two years ago. The affidavits charged frauds against W. F. Kettenbach, president of a trust ocmpany; George Hester, Cashier of a bank, and Clarence Bobnett, all of Lewiston. The oharges are made in oonneotion with the entry of over a million dollars’ worth of white pint through J. B. West, register of the land offloe at Lewiston. Mr. Cuiver sent the affidavits to Senator Dubois, who, without comment, transmitted them to the president. ~ \itohoock. to whom' the referred by the presi- with reference to capitulation. Should you oonsent to the same you will please appoint commissioner* for diseasing the order land conditions regarding capitulation, and ala© appoint a plaoe for suoh commioners to meet the same appointed by me. \ I take tiha opportunity to oonvey to your excellenoy asauranoe of my re- speot STOESSEL” The following reply was addressed “ Arriacle 7.—The Japaneee army, considering the gallant resistance offer­ ed by the Russian army as being honor able, will permit the offioers of the Rusisan army and navy, aa well aaoffi oials belonging thereto.to carry swords and to take with them private property direotly neoessary for the maintenance of life. The previous mentioned offi­ cers, offloials and volunteers who sign a written parole pledging that they will not take up arms and in no wise take aotion contrary to the interests of the Japanese army to return to their oountry. Each army and naval offioer will be allowed one servant and suoh servant w ill be especially released on Governor-elect Mead was Saturday night Initiated by the Woodmen of the World Into the branch of their or­ der at Bellingham. The Washington State Horticultural association held a three days’ conven­ tion at Wenatchee, beginning Wednes- R. C. Powell, a Spokane boy, has been honored at the University of Cal­ ifornia by being elected to assist In the physics department Governor McBride has announced that he will not hear any new applica­ tions for pardons during the remain­ der of his term of office. Washington postmasters as follows have been appointed: Lake Bay, E. H. Cooper; Napocatta, Henry J. Brown; Wehsvllle, A. George Wehe. Ben Williams of 8eattle, railroad man, business man and attorney, will be appointed state labor commissioner by Governor-elect A E. Mead. Forty-five business men of Spokane attended the Spokane day celebration at the state horticultural convention at Wenatchee last Wednesday. Fire broke out In the dry goods store of D. A.uHanna at North Yakima and destroyed about |20,000 worth of property. E. O. Keck's clothing store. In the same building, was also destroy- the conditions and order of capitula­ tion. For this purpose I have appoint- affidavits ------------------ - ML . --- dent, instituted the investigation. In­ formation lent to the interior depart­ ment oharges that frauds at Boise as well as at Lewiston,and it is intimated that te injquiry, when fairly started will reaoh ont on many direction and prominent oitizens of Idaho may be- oome entangled. __ -x. ed as commissioner Major General Ijiohi, ohief of staff of our army. He will be accompanied by some staff offi­ cers and oivil offloials. They will meet your commissioners January 2, noon, at Shnishiying. Ahe commis­ sioners of both parties will be empow­ ered to sign a convention for the capit­ ulation without waiting for ratifica­ tion, and cause the same to take im­ mediate effect. Authorization for suoh plenary powers shall be signed by the highest offioer of both the negotiating parties, and the same shall beexohang- ed by the respective commissioners. \ I avail myself of this opportunity to oonvey to your exoellenoy assurances of my respect. NOGL” It to. believed that the Port Arthur gaarrtoon has receied liberal terms. There is a general disposition to be magnanimous,in view of the garrison’s marvelous defense. In military circles, the opinion was expressed that the discussion oovered olny a few questions, inoluding allow­ ing the garrison to march out, carry­ ing their arms, permitting the garrison to return to Russia with or without their offioers and requiring their parole not to take any further part in the war. It is possible that Japan will permit the entire garrison to return to Russia iHvin? their narolft. “ Artiole 8.—Noncommissioned offl- 1 oers and privates of both army and navy and volnuteers shall wear their uniforms,and taking portable tents and neoessary private property, and com­ manded by their respective officers. S t Petersburg. — Possibly some of the hesitation of the authorities here to make announcement of the fall of Port Arthur was dne to threats and rumors of rsdloal demonstrations, coupled with the abaenoe of the era- peorr; but it to certain that no demon- stratoin to likely whioh could assume serious proportions, and the radical leaders would be sure to lienato the sympathy o f many, even of the most liberal Russians, i f they ohose suoh a momeont for the revolutionary demon- It has been learned that the last mes­ sage sent by Emperor Nioholas to Gen­ eral Stoessel vested the oommander of the Port Arthur garrison with discre­ tionary powers and urged him to exer otoe them rather than allow the defense to go to the last ditch. This may ao- oount for the apparently brief time re­ quired to oonolude the negotiations be­ tween the Russian and Japanese com­ manders, no time having been ooon- pied in oommunioating with the Em­ peror Noholaa. It to equally certain that General Stoessel did not snrrerfder without previous autbortoatoln. REMOVAL OF ATTORNEY HALL. \Artiole 9.—The sanitary oorps and the aoooontanta belonging to the Rus­ sian army and navy shall be Retained by the Japanese while their servioes are deemed necessary for the purpose of oaring for siok and wounded prison­ ers. During such time, snoh oorps shall be required to render servioe un­ der the direction of the sanitary oorps Bert Aldrich, a carpenter, was brought to Colfax recently from Two Rivers, Wash., suffering from severe Injuries received by falling from a Rcaffold. His condition to considered grave. After a three day’s session, which was remarkable In point of numbers and amount bf work transacted, the Washington State Teachers’ associa­ tion closed Its labors at Spokane last week. The acting commissioner of the land office has ordered the withdrawal from all entry 2S00 acres of public lands in the Walla Walla district This with­ drawal Is made on account of the Pa- louse Irrigation project The Washington state building at the world’s fair, recently offered to the city of St Louis, has been sold for $1200 to a Missouri stock raiser. The bill of sale does not Include the mar­ ble staircase, nor the booths of Spo­ kane and Seattle. The building cost about $33,000. \Don’t believe these stories which the newspapers have been printing ■ about me,” she said. \They are all lies; every one of them. I have done nothing wrong. Believe me; trust me; everything will come out all right In the end, and it will be seen that 1 have been guilty of none of these things the public charges me with. Don’t think I deceive you; I will tell you the truth, and I tell you that all these reports are lies—lies.” Husband Is Confused. \I can only hope so.” was the hus­ band's answer. ”1 have trusted you. and It Is hard to believe anything; my mind to so confused. This has been such a terrible shock, and I-don’t un­ derstand any of It.” Sheriff. Broke Rules. In permitting Dr. Chadwick to visit his wife. Sheriff Barry may find him­ self In trouble with the federal au­ thorities because the visit between the physician’ and his wife had been allowed without a formal application i to the federal authorities and the nec­ essary permit to visit her not having been granted. HE CUT HIS OWN THROAT. George Gleeson Kills Himself After Quarrel With Wife. -After attempting the President Acte Upon Suggestion of Secretary Hitchcock. Washington, D. C —The summary removal of United States District At­ torney Hall of Oregon was ordered Saturday. It forecasted the returning of Indictments against Senator Mitch­ ell and Congressman Hermann. Sec­ retary Hitchcock has been InsisUng upon the removal of Mr. Hall for some time, claiming he was protecting prom­ inent parties in the Oregon land fraud cases, who would otherwise be Indict­ ed. He has urged this so persistently upon the president that today, after a lengthy report from Special Prose­ cutor Heney was presented to the president. District Attorney Hall’s summary removal was decided upon. Kansas C ity.- ... ........... . life of his wife, Mrs. Lizzie Gleeson, and In the belief that he had succeed­ ed in hie efforts to kiU her, George Gleeson, a livery man of St. Joseph. Mo., leaned far out of the second story window of hto mother In law’s home here and cut his throat with a razor from ear to ear. In sight of sev­ eral hundred persons, who had been attracted by Mrs. Gleoson’s shrieks. There was no witness to the first part of the tragedy except the young wife, who to now dying ln-the city hospital. fiettMtfk# Columbian. VOL. II. NO. 27. UM B IA FALLS. M ONTANA. JA N U A R Y 7. 1905. Port Arthur Falls. Wages the Same for 1906. Washington.—Assistant Secretory ' Darling of the navy department, who has direct supervision over the mat­ ter of labor employment In the vari­ ous navy yards and stations, has is­ sued an order that the existing scale of wages of mechanics and others shall be practically unchanged during the calendar year 1905. Strong efforts have L.en made to Induce the depart­ ment to change the scale, either for the benefit of the men or in the in­ terest of economy. _ > Will Try Russian Sailor. Shanghai.—The trial of the sailor belonging to the Russian cruiser As­ kold, who December 15 murdered a Chinese on the bund as the result of a dispute over payment for the hire of a Jinricksha, commenced Tuesday at the Russian consulate. The Russian consulate will be advised by a Chine— MONTANA NOTES. Deputy Sheriff D. J. Lenihan threat­ ens to confiscate the jail in Little Chi­ cago for rent of the ground upon which it la situated. As soon as the special agents and deartment sleuths have concluded giv­ ing their evidence before the Port­ land, Ore., grand Jury, they will be dispatched to western Montana to In­ vestigate the conditions, which it is claimed by the secretory are even orse than those existing^ in Oregon. A wrock occurred Saturday on the Great Northern railroad-at Durham on the Kallspell division. A lf of the coaches were derailed, but(no persons are reported injured. The cause is unknown. Jeff Li per, a sheep herder, employed by Sleben & Grimes, recently shot and killed another sheep herder, Theo­ dore Grimond, employed by Israel Manard. The killing occurred at sheep camp, some miles irom Wolf creek. Clyde Turner, a well known young man of Harlem, was shot and serious­ ly wounded by Lorin Tolbert, hto com­ panion. while the two boys were play­ ing duel. Turner, In a spirit of fun, challenged Tolbert to a duel and the latter, following the actions of his playmate, quickly grabbed a revolver, which he believed to be empty, and ipped the trigger, the bullet lng through Turner's chest. - Attorney General Donovan has made a new move In the beef trust casos by filing an Information against the agents of the Cudahy, 8wift, Ham­ mond and Armour packing companies operating In Montana, charging them with conspiracy in that they, as agents for the concerns, fix the prii agreement of the products they han­ dle. The men were arrested in Butte, but were released on their own recog­ nizance and will appear In court Jan­ uary 9, at Helena. Review of Happenings In Both' Eastern and Western Hemispheres During the Past Week—National, Historical, Political and Personal Cvqffca Tersely Told. San Francisco had earthquakes on January 1, but damage to slight it is stated that the sultan will yield all the points at Issue with France. Chief Justice Albert Mason of the Massachusetts supreme court to dead, aged 68 years. id, B. C., mines during the past year, produced 842,325 tons, val­ ued at $4,400,012.50. The president and Mrs. Roosevelt rounded ont the old year by enter.’ talcing a children's party. - New York rendered its customary pantomimic greeting to the new year with more variety than ever before. Currency transfers by the New York subtreasury for the year aggregate $21,220,000, compared with $32,250,000 In 1903. During a recent violent storm In North Germany four persons were kill­ ed and a number Injured by collaps- Ifig walls. Pour persons were Injured recently i the result of a rear end collision between two \L” road cars In Kansas City, Kan. Governor-elect Higgins of New York has token the oath of office, and the formal Inaugural ceremonies occurred on Monday. Frank Cooper, formerly vice presi­ dent of the Siegel-Cooper company, died recently In New Rochelle, N. Y , aged 61 years. The Mexican permanent exposition, which it was expected would be open­ ed on January 1, will not be opened «? « « ♦ « tn h. . . ontil February L ’ The report* epidemic <Upb- Youug men s BmaUpox jmd black pneumo- 11 to be ’ toglng lB ~t3tfHBBd.r Nev., are without foundation. The naval observatory at Washing­ ton has been notified by cable from Kiel, Germany, of the discovery of a comet by Borrelly of Marseilles. William 8. Bolles, Sr, a charter member of the Memphis Cotton ex- _ nd one of the best known cot­ ton factors In the south. Is dead, aged 92 years. Samuel Gompers, president of the American Federation of Labor, urges the employment of workingmen from Porto Rico in the construction of the The Danish steamer Alabama, from _ Type, December 9. for Baltimore, which stranded at Stornoway, Outer Hebrides, is lying on her side, full of water, and to apparently unsavable. Looping the loop on skis, a feat never before attempted, will be one of the great attractions at the annual tournament of the Ski Riders of Ainer- be held In Ishpemlng, Mich, February 22. Through a misplaced switch a pas­ senger train ran Into a gravel train standing on asldetrack at Sutoun, C*d. Engineer Henry Peterson of the passenger train was killed and a pas­ senger from Martinez badly injured. Both trains were badly wrecked. Vienna.—Emperor Francis Joseph has given an order to former Premier Baron Gautch von Frankenthurn, pres­ ident of the supreme court of ac­ counts. and a decree was issued ap­ pointing him premier. The other members of the cabinet retain their portfolios. D. B. Hill Out of Politic*. Albany, N. Y.—The retirement of former Senator David B. Hill from active politics, after 40 years unite terrupted participation in the demo­ cratic councils in this state and the nation, took effect Sunday, according to the authorized statement through the Associated Press, August 29, lasL upon the occasion of Mr. Hill's 61st birthday. r ' Too Active I Bluffton, Ind.- _ Sharpe has received notice of the dis­ missal of Rural Carrier Walter L. Fetters on the charge of pernicloua activity in the late campaign. Fetters Is treasurer of the Indiana Associa­ tion of Rural Route Carriers and was slate9 for the position of national the Campaign. -Postmaster A. I* Strength of character Is based on |breadth. - - V i a f l

Hendricks' Columbian (Columbia Falls, Mont.), 07 Jan. 1905, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/sn85053047/1905-01-07/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.