The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.) 1983-current, January 05, 1983, Image 9

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??iÌÉÈÌllp|g NOTICES . ;> ■ IM I, W ain i É R . ^ fc « » * r t w l ^ U « r J t ' i R M t f P q r t C * . (Fkk. Dac. » . I M * im . J. I M » ; linaN la r e r f d k i * . N iW i H « k R * (bu m ia opanad, m i Rw BawR « f C a M É a i c w i than knee Ma ( 10) Raya tkaraMar ht «kiak ta awwR R h caamcL ■ r ORDER O F THE kOAJU) OF COM­ MISSIONERS. David E W iln a (Pak January J, 12. * 19. 1 9 « ) NOTICB OF N IA U N O PLEASE TA K E NOTICE RmlRw City Coaa- cd o f R m City o f Big Tbaknr wia amai oa January 17. IM 3 M 7:30 at Bi« TWknr City HaR la coaatRrr R h rppnoprtnkon o f S2JMO.OO h tm R h tornane Sh a rti Account to R » City SnüRWaWt Faad fot U h p u lc ia i of M dat Car Ra iaaRBR. edita«* an lauernd lo Ra* laarii 10 pmr i i i ia d l i ( R t p i R f l i r t < R H d l H a . Dried Rni4Ri day a f Ja i a y, IM 3 . W A Y N E E RE E D C k y C t o t (Pak JaaaarySE 12. I M » STATE OF MONTANA DCPAKTMHNT OF KEVENUE ABANDONED PEOFBETY SECTION HELENA. MONTANA m M >-M2S NOTICE OF NAMES OF PERSONS APPEARING TO BE OWNERS OF ABANDONED PROPERTY Panaaal to Rw Uniform Paya*ilio« af Uu- claimad ^^^a^pa^^^r ^tccioc ia ^tena^tjr gitm^e ^^htal i L a - — - - | | ^ , I a— a _ -. —. - a — ^ bk pvnm mot mow BpgMr v ■ M v n vnii lof ramali no eoaC«nii«a A * awc»ml m i d w a iy Roa o f R h payarty aad R k aa«H aad adEtai o f R a koèdtr may M oklainrd oaly ky Ra panca (a) p o a t a a p aa mlcnct ia Ra paparty ky aa intuiry lo Ra Akaadoaad Pwpul p u r i Ra aaaa aad addraaa aa rima* ia Rda netto. Unto* proci a f claiai ia peeeeMcR le Ra lacMar aad Ria eumene rtpk la aaaalaa tRe ytaya^ly la aalakMkad adRda SS daya Barn Da dkla a f Ra aacoad pabhaked n e t to Ra dkaadaatd propcrty «ili M piacad aol lata* Raa SS daya afta* aack pukiecalto date in Ree ceenodyof Ree Depennerà, a f Rcvaaaa lo «koai all RaRar ctonie ama daraAar ka diracead. S if Tdakar Elaclric (Pah. JaaaacySR 12. IM 3 ) F liu m c lofl « • H e u K u r o A seminar for farmers, ranchers and others on attracting capital to agriculture is scheduled for Febru­ ary 16 and 17 at the Ramada Inn in Billings. The seminar is sponsored by Agricultural Management and Economic Consulting (A M E C ), Inc., a Bozeman firm. The seminar begins at noon on February 16 and ends at noon on February 17, according to Dr. Le- Roy Luft, president o f AM E C , Inc Luft can be contacted at 3 IS Hag­ gerty Lane, Bozeman, M T 59715, phone 586-0548, for pre-registra­ tion information Pre-registration is required. Topics covered in the seminar include but are not limited toe How to flad investor f l a u d a g the cur­ rent states o f conventional lead- lag; I hailed partaenhtps as a o f capita^ sola leasibaelt M t g aod management sendee» avail able to investors and Experts on agricultural finance will address the participants. Speakers include: Bill Ogden, President o f International Finance and Management Group, Minne­ apolis; Robert Reiquam, President o f First Bank, Great Falla Art Lund, State Farmers Home A d ­ ministration EH rector, Bozeman; James Almond, Wells Fargo Agri­ cultural Credit, Billings; John Har­ low, Oppenheimer Industries, Kan­ sas City; and George Schwab, A g ­ rivest, Glastonbury, Connecticut “ This seminar is timely, given the current financial condition of many fanners and ranchers in Montana,\ Luft said. “ The seminar is a'how to’ as well a$ a‘ what to do* session W e will present practical financing o p ­ tions for fanners and ranchers.\ Cost for the seminar is S125 for the first person per farm, ranch or firm; $100 for the second person from the same enterprise; and $35 per spouse. In addition to the semi­ nar, the cost includes refreshment breaks, social hour, dinner, and a notebook containing all talks ' \ÎJ'Æ C v- • >- -â. •• , , < y-Zt»* -V* 1 ’ '■ i* «»., ‘ .'.l \ K , V - * 'vT Z* } „• . •>„ ‘ f * , **v- », W > \ ' Ai * v'* ~r* «.'-r -n*'f - <*■ v i * - - J * vV-- ** J ' , . -• 'P \ -> -$• orjL.jr r 'V 7 *3 HAUUNG W OOLTO BIG TIMBER — THE LAST OFTHE BULL TEAMS, THE 1906 PIONEER SAYS. Montana CowBelles offer scholarship $900.00 gvH g b l i The Montana CowBelles are o f fering an $800.00 scholarship to a student from a Montana home ma­ jority in Home Economics or a field allied with agriculture, and is in his or her sophomore year at a Mon­ tana College or Univeraity. Pay- menu will be made during the stu­ dent’ s junior year. February 1,1983 is the final date for acceptance o f applications. Forms for the scholarship are avail­ able for the financial aid officer, Dean o f Men, or Dean o f Women, Dean o f Home Economic« and the Dean o f Agriculture Department at the studenf s college or university. Further information or additional application forms may be obtained by contacting Mrs. Gary Wolfe, Box 851, Shelby, M T 59474. Phone 337-3695. MLDA PLANS SEMINAR GOV. SCHWINDEN IS SPEAKER MALE-FEMALE RELATIONSHIPS TO BE TOPIC Governor Ted Schwinden is scheduled to speak at the Friday night annual meeting banquet o f the Montana Leadership Development Association His topic is to be “ Men Women, nnd the Politicnl Pro- cesb-Are We PnlUmg Together ? ” The meeting it held in conjunction with a two-day seminar (open to the pub­ lic) on Mate-Feuaeia ship«, sponsored by M L D A Other guest speakers and group discussion leaders are Kay Burk- hardt( Helena; Office of Public In­ struction); Wayne Smithberg and Sandy Bums (Billings Mental Health Center); Dr. Rita Rice Flaningam (Speech Department, Montana State University); and Karen McMullen and Bob Mar­ se nich, ( MeUmotphoeis Center, Missoula). Through a variety of presenta­ tions and with a workshop at­ mosphere, the subject of how men and women create problems for themselves and how we may solve them will be pursued. Cost for the two day event is $60.00 and includes two lunches and the Friday night banquet all held at the Baxter Hotel on Main Street in Bozeman For further in­ formation contact Jan Counter, 932-2231 or the M L D A office at 2 13 Reid Hall, Montana State Uni­ versity, Bozeman Montana 59717 or phone 994-4933. Cky ABomey Tom Biglea pm- o f the City’ s bmr aad I fona at Monday fc^s CkyCouacfl ¿416 which aamada the Big Timber - City Code'as M o w s a beer aad I Heenee wM hé $150.00; : J Vf * -- ' . - ï v ’ ' * . ■“ ’ ’ H c a a e e f c r c A p n a M e u M a a t y - ' IlSOJKk sdae Beane« forca oroffi premia« h e '- $75.00. iT w o 'h i i d a i m i w i l be affoctad by this chieagi ^ T h c Fimpk aad U f f Th e iaequityofthelic«a«i foe schedate« waa origiaaBy brou ^ t to the EttaationoftheCoRacil byJITs Gerald Th*y*ra hara and thay’rs nioalll Qold Im b o é s è d Big T lm b a r Cantannial Logo Seals PRICBS A M : 1 0 $ M M h , o n 29 for $2.00, or; 100 for $7.00, on 900 for $90.00, on 1000 for $80.00 A V A IL A B L E A T Tho Pionoor 2 2 4 M e L B O d 9 . 0 . 9 o x 1 8 0 M | Timber, M o n t a n a 8 0 0 1 1 118 REPORT FROM THE SHERIFF The following information has been released by the Sweet Grass Sheriffs Department December 27,1982 — Report o f helicopter hunting on the east end o f the Crazy Mountains. December 28, 1982 — Report nf Coor open to sporting shop across A om Gambles Officer checked this out and outer (kxv was opened but inner door was secure. December 2 9 ,1982— Report o f helicopter hunting out in the Mel­ ville area. Bill Ferguson went out in an airplane but was unable to con­ tact o r see any sign o f the helicopter. Report o f man sitting out by west interchange with head on steering wheel. Officer checked this out and stated individual was sleeping Report o f a car speeding around town. Officer made contact with individual and matter was taken care of. December31, 1982— Report o f Red Angus calf on frontage road east of tow a Local individual reported finding five gallon can o f gas and an oil can along road. Motorist called from a local gas station and reported her car was broke down three miles east and was wanting a ride back out to car. Officer gave individual ride to ve­ hicle. January I, 1983 — Local indi­ vidual reported vandalism to feno- ing contractors equipment west of towa I -u . ........ ...................... ............... Local individual reported vehicle slid oft* the road and ran over a mail box. Car was gone from location and no one had seen vehicle. Report o f red and white plane hunting out in the Winnecook area to the MusscllshelL Local individual reported two heifers missing one small black Angus and one SimmentaL January 2, 1983 — Local indi­ vidual reported missing Red Angus steer calf This is same calf that was on the frontage road east o f towa On left shoulder is U quarter circle brand January 3, 1983 — Report of vehicle parked in City Park. Officer contacted vehicle and matter was taken care of. Big Timber Churches MG TIMBEa LUTHERAN CHURCH F a r t k a T H a f « AN m G. H a p . , P a w WtdMKitjr 3 45 p m . Jr. C M ; 4 00 pm. Y m R C a t m k * 7 30 pm . Sr. U R a r L m rb . (Hifli School apt youth). 7 30 pm . Sr. CM a Thunkiay • 1000 Am . ALCW M h StaRy. H i . a r Mi a s 2.00 pm . I l k M a y . M a R * m i t m h t t Chrtm r m it 7.00 pm . CakSM ats 7’JO pm . D a w C l n k Sunday • 9:45 am , SaaRay I * k .a l d u a l for a n 3 y e n Ramfli «Juki. 11:00 Am . P M . « W a R i , 12.-00 man. FtM i.ih l, Haar. Wrdnttday, JtA 12 9 30 Am. NnaatiCIrtk. Church f e e Room N *R*a Tht Si« Timber Lutheran Church Annual C o u r t l o a r t Meeting will be held on Sunday. Jammy 23rd at I 30 pm All confirmed me «Ra re o f Ra Church we voun, memben SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 299 Faneth Ateaae Eaul M A tk Pallor W i n kl, S e n M • 9 30a.m.,I . M ath Sebml • 10: JO mm., Pr. ya M i n i . » . Thunday. 7.00 p.m FIRST CONORCGATIONAL CHURCH lta4qrM a l-9:J0 A m , W inkl, Santo- 11.00 Am R ia iraa d Jaet Khekea t t RRHaR* arts he aar Aaaaal M n Ri followinc lervict Pleat« briitg tandwichcA talad or ■ detteti for polluck lun­ cheon. Homeland Ctoie meet« al2 p m January 6th. BIG TIMBER BAPTIST CHURCH (Setrenrtl Day Adteatltl Church) Tommy PH ca Patio« Cat ata hat Pk J22-4775 NOTE chante a f lltaec Saaday School 2 30. Warth Ip Sento J JO CHURCH Ol C.OI) 21A l-'atl Second Rob Ponlct. Patlor 100(1 .i rn Sandat Schout 11 OO .tin M oral*, Pralt«; r.oo t. m E x a laf Pralt«: M.ikljt pm M i n i Prayer Mr«tln|C I uetdat 'U l p m Youth Srrtlee; Wcdnculat \OOpm Klblc Study CHURCH Ol- CHRIST 420 W eil Slh 9J2 3102 l'tan («lltl Mai Shakra All arc urU.unr i. .mr Bible Study jt lo r n a n WorthlpSerticA lo to ., .n Sunday l-ten- la, Service, ' o n pm ' to p m l-vcnin, Bible Studv T ill. EVANG ELICAL C llU k C ll 3rd aad Bramble Wcrscr Stibert. Pattor 9J2-2J95 ST JOSEPH'S CHURCH Ret. L Cedilla Sunday M attes Hie limber Saturday ’ tht pin Sunday at1) 00 a m. Reed Pomi al IO 30 a m C*»niewK»n 30 minutct bclmc Slaw Weekday M e t « Hie Umher ’ I ' am FVA N G ELIC A L FREE CHURCH Fourth A Everett Garry Weentv Pavlor Sunday Servlcev for All A,ec Sunday School >!4t a n M o r a l*, Worvhlp lluur. 11:00 Am. Choir Practice. 6 00 pm Evening Worvhlp Hour. ’ on p m W M.S. mectv vceond Tl.uivlay of each month. AW A N A - Wednetday.6.30-8 JO ST M A R K S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Fourth A Hooper R.E. Shelley. Vicar i i l 3423 Survdayt (or January and February CommaaloA 9 00 am Nate Jaa 9 Holy Ct a a n i t a at J p m followed by Epiphany Tea Jan 23 Haiy Cammaal»aar4 p m f.Rawed hy poRack diaaer aod Aaaaal Caagnpartaatl Meet lap Weekdays T uca . Fn. Sal Meruia, Prayrer in Study at 8 am Wed.. M o r a l., Prayer in Study at Nncn. M ELVILLE LU T H ERAN CHURCH M ELVILLE. M O NTANA Alka G. Hansen. Pattar Sunday 900 am . DHtac Wart h ip 1000 am . Fella wthip Hater; 10:15 am. S mmi my Sc hank clateae far a#et 3 Ihraaph Jr. Hlpk N aRea Wonhip Hour wiN be held at 11 00 a m on Sunday. January 16th Poduck dinner at 12:00 noon. Congrtgatioeval Annual Meeting at I 00 pm

The Big Timber Pioneer (Big Timber, Mont.), 05 Jan. 1983, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.