Char-Koosta (Dixon, Mont.) 1971-1985, March 05, 1985, Image 3

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Editor’s notebook .. Commentary by Between the lines 1 • »5* l A I U I f l l f U U l y Char-Koosta Editor This is a story about what this column isn’t going to be about. If we had had the time, writers and money to have covered in this issue all of the serious things happening these days in Indian Country here and elsewhere, based on discussions at the twice-weekly Tribal Council meetings, the paper you’re reading now might weigh a pound instead of an ounce or two. The fact that the Council is meeting twice a week instead of the preferred once a week is itself a telling one. As it is, we have to make do with the summary below. More details will be covered in future issues. THE JOB CORPS PROGRAM: If the federal government has its way, the Job Corps program will become history before too very long. The national program has gone from being one Reagan once favored with decent appropriations to one scheduled for abandonment. EDUCATION: Another money-saver idea proposed in D.C. is the shutting off of JOM Indian education money in FY-86. A partial list of affected local programs includes day care, Head Start, all on-Reservation schools from the elementary to high school level, and Salish Kootenai College. INDIAN HOUSING: Yet another program on the chopping block in D.C. is Indian housing. The amount of money spent on Indian housing is miniscule compared to that spent in big cities, but is nonetheless scheduled to be $0 in the next few years. HUNTING AND FISHING: The federal government, in the form of the BIA, recently imposed serious restrictions on the hunting rights of Indians living on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. If that sets a precedent - and with the growing anti-Indian sentiment being fostered by non-Indian sports­ men, that could happen — the impact might be felt across the nation. The Tribal Council and the legal department is devoting a lot of time to discussion of a 32-page Conservation Ordinance to address hunting and fishing regulation here. S & K ELECTRONICS: On the local level, the S & K Electronics enterprise recently laid off seven employees because of problems delaying the production schedule. The good news is that some progress is being made in the testing phase of a heater that was designed by the young business. TWO EAGLE RIVER SCHOOL: In addition to the proposed loss of JOM money, it appears the school won’t be getting its new facilities after alL The school continues to be plagued with personnel problems as well. Word has also been received that the last two basketball games played by the school’s team have been forfeited due to a perceived The wise and wonderful Itek Is he anything like the Wizard of Oz? The early returns are in about the last issue. A n inordinate n u m b er o f readers ( in o rdinate, to us, means more than tw o j s a id they liked the p a p e r ’s new look because i t was easier to read. B e th a t as i t may, we d on’t p lan to a d opt th a t typ e s ty le f o r good. F ir s t o f a ll, i t uses up a b o u t 3 0 % more space than the condensed ty p e a v a ilable fr o m the p r i n t shop’s very nice typesetting machine. Second, we f e e l there’s a d e finite loss o f q u a lity. I f y o u use a m a g n ifying glass to compare a typew r itten letter to a typeset letter, y o u ’l l notice theform e r has a ragged look a s i f someone h a d taken b ites o u t o f it. Like we said, using the typewriter-quality printing of our word p rocessing system was better than a p o k e w ith a sharp stick — but only just barely. We had to choose between looking fu n n y or notpublishing at all, and we’d already done the latter once this volume, to our chagrin. A finalnote: ‘Thewiseand wonderful Itek’ is not an A ztec idol or the patron saint o f paste-up, as one reader seriously thought. I t ’s the model name o f our typesetting machine that was broken down. infraction (alleged by other Class C schools and a referee) of the rules. TRIBAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS non-Indian employee of THD recently quit her job after firing off a letter to Tribal Chairman Joe Felsman in which she made allegations of “mental and emotional abuse” against present and past department employees. The fact that someone quit a job and had un-nice things to say afterwards isn’t news. It’s a common-enough occurance, and is easily passed off as a case of sour grapes. A couple of things make this particular letter of resignation noteworthy, however. First, the writer ‘named names’, signed the letter, and spread around many copies of it Most similar efforts are anonymous. Second, at least one publication - you’re reading it - has been asked to print the letter. Third, the letter requests a formal investigation of Tribal Health and two specific employees. Addressing the third point, Chairman Joe Felsman told us there has been no formal Tribal Council action on the request for an investigation. Our own investigation into the matter, prompted by point two above, led to our learning some interesting facts about libel and the courts. We also learned a number of interesting points (Continues on page 14) Any opinions expressed in this column belong to the writer and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions o f others within the Tribal organization. ¡FOUR WINDS INDIAN TRADING POST j I Indian Craft W % r H I M * 3 Miles North t I supplies D t A U u of St. Ignatius | ■ Mocs.-Tapes-Books on Hwv 93 | ’ Catalog $2.00 NEW & OLD 745-4336 j GAMBLES 'The friendly store* in St Ignatius Hardware and Appliances Maytag Appliances \ Archie & Thelma Olson 745-3671 \ March 5, 1985..............................................................Page 3

Char-Koosta (Dixon, Mont.), 05 March 1985, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.