Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, March 29, 1963, Image 2

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Page 2 Evergreen THE EVERGREEN Editors . Sandra Nelso ■ Circulation Manager: Maria Stoker. • , . ■ Diana Hayes Business Manager: _ Dianne. Nelson The EVERGREEN is published every three, weeks by the Journalism Class of Lincoln County High School, Eureka, Montana Page Typist Artist 1 Dorothy Peltier Dan Hall 2 '• Maria Stoken Tom. Irwin 3 Trellice Irwin Tom Irwin h Diana Hayes Sandi N; 5 Elizabeth Finch Bob S. 6 Dianne Nelson Bob So • 7 Barbara H. Jeanne H. 8 ■ Bo Hawkinson Sandi N. 9 Maria Stoken M t w E. M 10 M „A , Cwynn Dan Hall Oh it-L * ! § \ \,scRovv March 29. 1961 got our annuals at the end of this year, they would not contain Var­ ious end of the year activities such as Prom, track and gradu­ ation. By waiting till next fall we can ini elude these activities and lessen the burden on the annual staff. EOB STEVENS IN SPOTLIGHT .He's barrels of fun and has a word or two for everyone; he's Bob Stevens0 - Bob was. . born Decem­ ber 27, 19M+ in Eureka, Montana to Mr. and Mrs, Da'rwin Stevens. Short­ ly after , birth Bob took to the bottle and is still at it to the COMMUNITY HALL : IN ROUGH ’SHAPE Have you glanced at the Community Hall lately? In case you haven't, . you should. All the windows are broken out on the. west side and are more than likely broken out on the other side too. It has the name \com­ munity\ which means that it belongs to the community as., a whole and should be kept in shape by the communi- . ty« There should be en­ ough people . in this community to get to­ gether and get the pro­ ject. of restoring it for - a useful, purpose, but as. can be seen . there is no effort, whatsoever of restor­ ing it. If it could be re­ stored it might be a good place , for . the. . kids to hang out, and for a few. teen dances. Maybe, the crime rate of juveniles in Eureka would go down if there was something of this sort for them to, do. There are roller skates that can be re­ paired. There could be a charge for . the use of these and; pop could be brought in and sold. - If there was a dance or two every weekend the money from these would be used for fur­ ther upkeep .of the hall. It might take awhile for things to get or­ ganized, but in the long run it would pro­ bably pay off, If some of the peo­ ple that -thrive on gossiping about the. juvenile delinquents in Eureka would get together and do some­ thing like this, maybe . they wouldn't be talk­ ing . about their neig­ hbor's kids all the ti­ me. I'm quite sure that if some of these peo­ ple in the community would get together they could , ask for help; from some of these so-called \juv­ eniles\ would.help is because they are pro­ bably just as anxious for a place like this as the adults.. YEARBOOK IS FALL DELIVERY Many students of LCHS have been asking \Why n't we get our annuals at ' the end of. the year instead of next'fall?\ There, is a very good reason for this. If present. Dob spent his first eight'years' of school fighting at Roosevelt Grade School, After eighth grade graduation '^ob began his four long years of high school at LCHS. Bob's .high school years have been filled with !+ years of foot­ ball' and many.other activities. In.his freshman year Bob played on the \B\ squad basketball team and got .the award for best bench warmer. As a sophomore Bob was initiated into the LC Club and played \B\ squad .basketball,. 'His junior' year was filled with many high­ lights. He was Boys' State Delegate, award­ ed best actor of the junior play cast and headed initiation committee as vice- president of the LC Club. : Bob was ( elected president of the stu­ dent council in his senior, year but he res­ igned during the middle cf the year, iBob's furu.ro . plan is to attend MSU and. take, law,

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 29 March 1963, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1963-03-29/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.