Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, October 19, 1961, Image 6

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P a g e 6 THE EVERGREEN O c t o b e r 19, 1901 ROUND' THE CLASSES ■This week many of the y kids have been putting- their little minds to- work.., ^ere are a few of the tings they are study­ ing. Mr. Biggar*'s World His­ tory class is studying the- growth and decline of the Roman Empire Dev­ elopment and the spread of Christianity. His Am­ erican History class is studying ., the course\' of ■ the Revolutionary War and how the. colonists won -their independence:' - from England. His Amer­ ican Government class is studying the Representa­ tion in Congress. Mr. Held's geometry.\' class is learning how to prove triangles of con greun by the use of ass­ umptions. His ..algebra class is learning how to . solve equations by law of subtraction. His phy­ sics .class is studying vectors and solving nav- agation problems. The Adbancod - Algebra class is solving literia 1' eq­ uations'. •' Mr. Bujol's, social studies' class is study­ ing .about how to find a good career. • -Mrs. Shea's bookkeep-. ing class is, learning how ' to close ledgers. Her Typing M class is learning how to tabulate reports.' '.Her Typing 1 class is learning how to type business letters, and the setting of their, machine. Mr. Crowley's sopho­ more English class is studying complex senten- , ces and complete senten- *■ 1 . .■\ces. His junior English ' . class is studying how to find gerunds, particip­ les, ■ infinitives and predicate, verbs. His se­ nior class is learning how to speak in public. Mr. . Swanber.g' s. English class: 1 is studying per®* uation. Miss Gwynn's ' Home Ec class 1. is learning how to cut and lay out patt­ erns... They. a r . . e learning • how .to stay stitch now. Mr. Tripp's Mechanical Drawing class is learn­ ing. now .to pertain lett­ ering 'and—; dimenisions. Earth Science class . is Ton the economic import­ ance of minerals. u MR. BIGGAR', STUDENT ' 'f , Can you imagine what it would.'be like if Mr;- Biggar were a student and not the principal? We: would probably see him '.dashing from class to class with books and; papers flying everywhere I can just see him chewing, a big . wad of bubble gum and pulling it out of his mouth every now and then and making bie Long strings out of it. Of, course he- would have to have a :girl. Can you imagine him walking down the hall with her, carrying her books and batting his big brown eyes - at her? At noon he would prob- • ably be hot-radding down the road too many' miles per hour with a car load of kids yelling and singing to the top of his lungs. All this is Mr. Biggar who was quite a student in his day. _____________ SHELLS U a l l Linds. ZtREX-PRESY© — —PH ILL I PS ! 6& ANTIFREEZES • V' - A 7 RI DOLE --omeone wants to sign out. --vcryone is excited a- - bout the football game. — cry noisy crowd. - - vdryb ody . is -talking , and giggling. '' - -: ( --ever talk without per­ mission! (teac her) --om, get. into the off­ ice! (Mr. Biggar) --aw, Haw (Tom) --lease be quiet, (tea­ cher again) .— very one quiet's a-awn (Mr. Brooke just walk­ ed in) --ais^ your hand when you wish to speak.(te­ acher) --nto the. room walks Miss Gwynn. --nly one can sign out t a time, (teacher) — id y ou get y our j ourn- alism done?' (psst, pst pssst) (anonymous) --hut-up! (guess who) o much whispering (te­ acher) --p front y~>u go, son (teacher) --era kids, anyway (tea­ cher) - -ap,,yap, yap (teacher) —urry back (teacher) --iways ’ running around (cve-ry one) — ate again (teacher) --oud mouthed bra.ts (te­ acher) • MITCHELL BRUISES ,'vRM Tack Mitchell was in­ jured during the Eureko vs, Poison game Friday night October 13. He was taken to a doctor ir Poison whosaid that he believed that the arm was badly bruised. It was' the. same arm ..''that ho bi:oke lastly ear while o'laying football. ffURIK/% •Prescriptions Cosmetics Jewlery Fount ion iD R U C

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 19 Oct. 1961, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1961-10-19/ed-1/seq-6/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.