Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, October 19, 1961, Image 2

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O c t o b e r 3 9 , ij9El T h e E v e r g r e e ? ) P a g e 2 f A/W TA/M t r \ F o u f J e J Memb er- Editor................ Associate Editor..., Circulation Manager. Business Manager.... Advisor ........... .. . o£ Pat Shea Cody Stark Joanne Clarke Marianne Burk Miss Gwynn The EVERGREEN is published every two weeks of the school year by the journalism class of LCHS. $1 per year. WHO VANTS TO BE A CHAPERONE 7 : Students, when you gibe a dance do you ever stop to realize the r e ­ sponsibility you put on the teachers who are your class sponsors. When a class gives a dance they usually de­ cide in a class meeting to have a dance.. They reserve a date with the Student Council and set up tlfieir plans. But, they don t stop to ask their sponsors about it. If the date the class chose would be conven­ ient for the teachers. Do you realize that your sponsors must be there? Have you ever stopped to think that they may have had some­ thing else planned for that evening, but had to give it up because you had decided to have a dance that evening. Is it too much to ask of you to at least ask your class sponsors a- head of time if a cert­ ain date would be con­ venient for them? Also,, each one who attends the dance should thank the teachers for spending thair time as a chap­ erone. Remember--those teach­ ers have given up an evening of their own so we may have fun. MB w h a t M a k e s THE EVERGREEN? Have you ever stopped. to realize what work it is for the journalism class to put out the school paper? Tl’ere is a lot more work to it than you might think. First of all the mem­ bers of the staff must use every effort to go out and find newstories, features or editorials. They must try to get the current news first and factual. Second they must get the paper set up. The artists must make head­ lines, do the art work or ads. Then the typists must type all these news stories, editorials and features on the stencils. Then the third step is to run these papers off on the memeograph mach­ ine. The fourth and final task is stapling togethp er the pages of the pa­ per and getting them sent out to the people of the community. Maybe if we do realize ttiis we will all appre­ ciate The work of the Evergreen staff and their accomplishments. LEAVE THE D R I V I N G T O THE 1 DR I VERS - . I ’ve heard a lot of griping about how crabby the bus drivers are on the football trips. Can you imagine your­ self' driving down the; road? trying to concen­ trate on doing a good job of driving, with a bout 50 kids keeping up a steady scream behind you? You can visualize how nerve wracking this would get. I think we should hold out a hand to the bus drivers for putting up with us as long as they do. We'h^ve an outstanding team this year and if we want to watch them play in other towns we better calm down on the buses, cause « they d o n ’t have to go if they d o n ’t want to. PS WE NEED BLEACWfRSDl Did you ever go to a football game and get as tired as the football players,dd, because you have to stand? Such is the situation at the football field of LCHS. Many people have said that they would attend thfe games if they didn’t have to stand for an hour and a half to two hours, pushing and shov­ ing for a good position \ they can watch the game. When they do get a good position they have to fight p if. This way a person has t; keep one on the yrn. and miss half of what is going on, and the other eye watching for someone who will try to take his place. Some people fin­ ally get tired of push­ ing and shoving, getting pushed and shoved, and having no place to sit down and enjoy the game; they finally get disgus­ ted and go home. The bleachers that are on the field now are not very big, and the Pep Club seems to have them anyway. So if anyone else wants to watch the gamethhey have to stand on the ground. I am not saying that the Pep Club should move but that there should be more bleachers so that the ' people who come to watch the game would have a pplace to sit and'not have to push, shove, and get trampled to death trying to watch the game. I am positive that more ^enole w w u M d s a a n m vaupportie t h e . . ^ yearn - 4 ^ they just had a' place to sit.

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 19 Oct. 1961, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1961-10-19/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.