Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, February 17, 1961, Image 5

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C h a d a S a w February 17, 1 9 6 ] — ' : L e a r n i n g N e w D o n e e I : ' S t e p s Students Lkirn; Cattle Herding -i Have . you ever been, ’H3attle Herding” Sti~ the wild end wooly forest in Trego? (At 2'a.m* in the morn- -ing?) , There may be some \voices of experience? c,n this particular subject. These are senior members of LCHS. It seems these \children\ were chas­ ing cows in the heavily populated £r- est of trees in a vi­ tal effort to give them their feed for the day ..... MARSH - mel l o w s : However, it was quite evident that -Lizzie, alias Rattles^ wfs more equipped 'with the'porper run­ ning gear than were the two-legged cre­ atures. Their efforts were in vain, but perhaps, had there been the assistance of two other poeple, it may have been a success - ful chase. These two barely seemed to know what was going on. (They must have sprained their ankles, or they may have been pasted to the seat.) When it became ob­ vious that the four­ legged animal kingdom was outrunning . the humane society the chase was called off, but it is a general attitude that these seniors have quite a knowledge on \cattle herding.\ For further infor­ mation, contact one of these journalism students. A r e Y o u A B e a t n i c k F l y Me, I’m a beatnick fly. To describe my­ self, I’d like to first say that we beatnick flies are some of the more weird and more hep flies of the race. (Incidentally, I’m not the only one) Any way, we do not delight in landing in dirty old garbage pails, like regular old flies do, because we’d much rather careen around space- ville. Oh, what a de- vine life ! Buzz,buzz I Well, people and others who are read­ ing this lively story let me tell you how I made the scene. I wasn’t hatched like any normal fly— I was born. Boy, what a hilarious experience I First, there wasn’t a \me\ and then presto I a \me\, a real gone beatnick fly. It sure startled my cool mom- meo, because in her many arms, she held an ugly specimen of a fly. She wasn’t' too happy at first and then she just disown­ ed me. (Sorta like I was an outcast.) Woe was me ! I had to leave home. Buzz, buzz, buzz 11 That’s when I fol­ lowed that little black headed freshman girl to LCHS and sneaked up on that sort of window ledge to spend my life watching those queer teachers and those cool, divine students. The teachers would swat at me as though I were a mad dad. but e gads, how those ids were a real com­ fort to my soul! ^ ______ Evergreen _____ _ After four years of high school life. I became a very aoted flv among other schol­ ars;, If you don’t dig my existence, and if I bug you to the ut­ most, remember, I'm just' a little beat­ nick fly and I careen around watching you, you,and YOU. If you don t believe this; jus€ be a beatnick fly after you are re­ incarnated. See you all there--that's what I'm gonnaJpe too. Y o u t h C e n t e r I s C u r r e n t Q u e s t i o n What is your opin­ ion of a youth center or teen center in Eu­ reka? This question was asked of many of the students and mem­ bers of the faculty of LOUS. Here are a few of the answers: Charles Newton: Ver- y good if run by a responsible person. A bowling alley, a dance floor with a juke box, and perhaps a fountain would be nice, but there is also such a thing as money. Michele Frost: Very good idea because there isn’t really much to do around here. James Welch: Very good if the teenagers would stay behind it. John Haverlandt: Very good if the fun was kept clean and it had good chaperoning. Sandy Shay: Great idea. Joan Leonard: Ex­ cellent idea. It would keep many of the kids from running around and getting into mischief. Miss Gwynn: Very good because many teenagers complain a- bout not having any­ thing to do. Perhaps this would pive them something to do. Mrs. Shea: I be­ lieve it would be a desirable thing if the community would fully support such a thing. Card games, (Cont. P.6) _ __________ Page. 5 _______

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 17 Feb. 1961, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1961-02-17/ed-1/seq-5/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.