Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, November 14, 1958, Image 3

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November llr. ■-958- 1 .Evergreen omecomm q The Lions wound the 1958 football son by losing p : 1 decision to '^v‘ ^ full* Libby here Saturd* The game way with the kicking'off Loggers, whc >o ^t oo.k the' ball- orb the/ 3t?s=£| yar^f stripe and Amoved; i t t the U5o FncPk. j J th e iy they dro vp t^yw a y d lpt. in a numt/er Aof j f irm?1: jxtpa. point p’ib b y le'% io/gamoy rv' were tfh- ^pitalize /ssion o; ; were Libby qi scored again and le Ilp-0o Again Eureka w; stopped but not untM}! they had driven to the Logger 15 yard line where they were forced to give up the'ball on too many downs',' Libby scored again in the second quarter ahd the fir s t half ended, Lib­ by 21, Eureka 0a The Loggers dominat­ ed the play most • of the second half by scoring 26 points • to the Lion1 s-none o Eur­ eka was unable to score only for ■ the second time during the conference season, Columbia Palls defeat­ ed them 13-0n t Eureka ended the season with a 0-7 record in con­ ference play ahd a 0-8 in season play. The Lions are now practic­ ing for basketball, Hopes are that they w ill make a better showing in this sport. Eureka w i l l be playing without Milton Pish this season. oopers Burn .©ut (ForPractice Pred LaRoque’ s Lin- ln Lions basketball sbuad reported for the ^q^ad’ s fir s t .practice 5 to sharpen up rj their fir s t game, Mnn—confefence bout . Pernie, B. C. ose listed for try on the A-squad are Burk, RonniS St. '0n^;o, Alan West, John ins on, Larry Byers, Blaine Wo11ah, Bob I ■ Johnson, David McPad- y#an, Robert Zimmerman, Qiiarles Anderson, Gene ikholt, David Leonard, 7 ■/Gean Nordahl, Pred. Pitman,' Dexter Scher- merhorn, Ted Clarke, Harold Dickinson, Cody Stark, Mike I vers,. Larry St. Onge and Gene McKenzie, Coach LaRoque has a 22‘game schedule work­ ed out with a early four team tournament at Noxon. B-squad practices w ill s t a r t ’under La­ Roque soon. S t . © n g e UPredick (Good Seoson Now that football season is over and basketball season ‘ is about to begin, many students are discuss­ ing the games and won­ dering what kind of a chance LCHS w ill have ..Edge 3. this' year, The \team this year should do quite well and most of the boys have had pre­ vious experience. Try outs for the A squad w ill begin' Thursday, November 6, -Ronnie St.Onge- /InderssnBreok-i. arm in a Charles Anderson broke his-arm Thurs­ day while running through a d r i l l in basketball practice. Charles accidentally triped and f e l l on his arm and broke it . It was broken just above the wrist ahd was put into a cast. Tree Tying (Cont from Page 1) Hall * last Saturday night, November 8. For the women Mrs. Perrson was fir s t with a time of ipl \ seconds for four ties around a bale of six footera, M i l l i e ' Johnson took second, Hanson wrapped his bale in 36 y seconds his brother, Harvey, coming in second. In the tie - o f f be­ tween the women*s and men’ s winners Mrs. Perrsor with a ends Pi; divfis : :hs ted Hanson of'Ij.1 sec- s 1+7 • g it p e in' each m vh s m 5, sec- Mrs. Pcr- ,ivhtK ah ad- the A h b th ^ -^ d o .r i ( o f f oobpMFV bps m s s e d fv .BSPS And ■'■'aKbthor ykaufjbfy#laying on the f i e l d wyk h g o a l posts th a i/'lM k e d lik e th e y wor /b jyeady to \ f a l l doT^n^any tim e . B A Z APRONS FfinCYWORA CANDY Do Y o u r C h r istm a s S hopping FRIDAY NOV. 21, IIOO TO 30 PM GWYNN BUILDING ON MAIN STREET L.DS. WOMENS RELIEF SOCIETY

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 14 Nov. 1958, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1958-11-14/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.