Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, November 14, 1958, Image 2

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^ p . e . g . e 2 . .ELvergreen November l^f IQ^8 The Evergreen is-published every two weeks of the school year by the journa­ lism class of Lincoln .County High School Eureka, 'Montana [QUilLj Co-editors.•Sandi .Borup & Sandie Bodies. Business Manager*. * * *.*.*...*Mike Gwynn Circulation Manager......Dorothy Stoken Advisor .... *.....*,*Donald R. Boslaugh Subscription* u.. .$1 per year t d a y Many intelligent boys and girls, capable of doing good work and of learning, in the fresh­ man and sophomore classes of LCHS are taking absolutely no interest in their education. They don't study; they don't listen in class; they contribute nothing to the class. In one class, test papers have come back exactly the way they were given out except for the students name. They did not even take the time to guess at true and false answers I ; , Why? What is the matter? We know that it's not the teachers' fault,for the faculty here is backed with years of exper­ ience with students and 'their problems. It may come as a shock to many* but teachers are not monsters lying in wait to pounce on their prey, eager to cb harm* These people are here to help the student. Our problem, then, must lie directly with the student* By law, pupils must go' to r school until they are 16* Some of these sluggards are •.going simply because of this. Then again, there • are some that know they are lost in the big, wide, world without a' high-school diploma.. Finally, there is the minority group that wants to fur­ ther their education by going ! to institutions of higher learning. These last two groups cannot afford to ‘flunk a subject. This cannot be too heavily stressed. Seniors know this; some of them know it only too wfell and regretfully. Juniors are beginning to see dawn. For some of them it \is not bringing a beautifuL light. Right new is the time for these young people to learn before they beolng to the: \wise too late\ group. The habits formed in high school are going to follow the; poor unwary student in a trail of blundering mistakes and misfortunes if they are, not shaped in a proper manner. Sandra Belles © n I y ? ! P e r C e n t / H r e D e l i q u e n t Why is it that whenever the word' \teenager\ is Mentioned, people automatically think of \juvenile delinquent\? These words have almost become synonymous. Why is it that now all teenagers are lumped cars that have only the under one damning title ---- - ---- juvenile delinquents? Twenty or thirty years ago teen-agers were referred to ; as \kids\ and their an­ tics as \kid's pranks\ True, they did not have the fast moving and the money our young people today. However, those who were delinquents were condemned. The rest were left alone. Why the big change? Although there seems to ' be more delin­ quency, it is a fact that only 2 per ceht of our teenagers are bad. What about that 98 percent. The good, clean work that this percentage does is crushed be-> neath the weight of the constant stressing that is given to our youth's \black sheep\. Let1s give credit where it is due. Let's say \teenager\ with pride and forget the psychological impli­ cations. Jean Higle o n t e p s How many times has a plan failed because of lack of organization? Many times 'this has happened to a good idea because the group that is to carry it out is not organized. Whether it is a school chance, a play, or some,other activity the result is the same --a flop— because the individuals do not know who is to ao what or how they are sup­ posed to do it. When organizing, do it carefully and chances are the, plan will be a success. Sandra Borup p e a k s It all the pupils of LCHS were laid end to e n d , , they would sleep.

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 14 Nov. 1958, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1958-11-14/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.