Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, April 18, 1958, Image 5

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A p r i l 1 8 , 1 Q 9 8 .EVERGREEN . P a g e . ,, 5 ? Fr. Class Covers College Course t Tho French class finished 3/T- of their French book at the end of this six weeks. They are rcvciwing for their six weeks tests, which will bo over the last 10 lessons, Tho book they are using actually covers a one year college course. The class also plans to have a French din­ ner and speak only French while they arc at the table. PAD Class Se.es Films The PAD class; taught ; by Mr, Biggar, is studing the unit on \New' Tasks for Econ­ omic Planning” includ­ ing Some Problems of Labor and The Farm Problem. As the seniors-have so little time left of school, Mr, Biggar de­ cided to continue the PAD course instead of switching to geography as was planned, Tho class saw two movies on marriage last week. Typist Do Legal Forms The .typing 2 class has been taking five,, and ten minute writ­ ings, The class took their six-weeks test - last Friday and arc now working on prob­ lems consisting of •\Last Will and Testa­ ments, \ \Probates of Wills,\ \inventory and Appraisements;\ 'Agency Contracts,\ \Proxys\ and \Power of /Attorneys,\ mm mm Home Ec'ers Bake Bread The Home Ec . 1 class has started their seiz­ ing unit by'fitting their patterns, laying them and cutting them, A Baked Alaska was baked and served by the Home Ec, 3 girls and they also-made three loaves of broad which they ate in class, Tho Home Ec, depart­ ment is under the in- s true ti on of Mrs, Ethel Lee. Journalist Lose DRB The Journalism class is on its own, their instructor, Mr, Bos- laugh is in Spokane, Mary Frost, editor of the Evergreen is acting as instructor, she assigns .the work and collects tho writ­ ten material. Mr, Big­ gar comes in an checks to see that everything is in. order. The paper x^ill be put out under Mary’s supervision. They Finished Chapter 27 The American History class has finally fin­ ished Chapter 27. Mr. Biggar has been stres­ sing many ’points of the chapter 'since it deals with the peace settlement after World War I. After two days Qf stucyirg and stu^.yirg wo had a test over tho whole chapter, Tho socond semester Driver’s ? Tr a ining class, under* the super­ vision. of James McCaul­ ey, is reviewing for and taking six-x^oeks exams. During the next six weeks, the class will practice parallel park­ ing ' on1 tho curb' in front of LCHS, Attend the Junior Prom April 26, 19^8 Mr, LaRoque’s Bio­ logy class has started their books for tho second time. During the next six weeks they will bo working in their work books, disec ting spccimans and going on ^omc field trips. The trigonom try class under the direc­ tion of Merrill Tripp, has just finished tho functions of any ang­ les, and has begun the functions of the sum and the diffcronee of two angles. Chemists See Movies In tho socond six weeks of the last sem­ ester • the chemistry ,class has been very busy. They have studied food'vitamins and medicines, text­ iles and paper, rubber and plastics, chora- istry and'agriculture, collorids, baron and silicon. They hi tro also gone over radium and radioactivity and have gone over nuclear energy. They were shown very interesting movies during the six weeks on the manufacture o f . , paper from pulp wood by J. Neils Lumber Co0 The class also took a field trip and visited tho aluminum plant at Columbia Falls. The trip, was in conjunction with College Day at FCHS,. The ninth grade Soc­ ial Studios classes of LCHS have boon study­ ing the different occ­ upations available and how to choose an occ­ upation. The six weeks test was given on April 9* Mr. Swanbcrg is the instructor of the ■classes.

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 18 April 1958, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1958-04-18/ed-1/seq-5/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.