Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, February 07, 1958, Image 8

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JE&G-CL-S JlaaggjaifljCL Fgforug r y 7>_195fL LCHS looking out the SH.windows,a .private party which quickly bc-f. t ! » Stupid vO q S s n Styles It’s remarkable how? styles -fit' distinguish­ ed people, but most cf all, they have to be suitable for the town in which you live;- (If you’-re in Rome, do like the Romans' do; if ■you’re in Eureka, do like we do!) We. LCHS’ers arc proud of the styles wo ?sct-cspecially in our dross. Hero are some •of the latest on a few of our more 'distin­ guished people. In the mighty senior class we spot two'out­ standing dressers, Bob -St. Peter and Glcnna Erickson. Bob is wear­ ing his now blue jeans, rolled to the knoos for a Bermuda effect, .topped with a pin- stripod shirt over which ho has draped his suit-jacket in EP fashion. (Ho changes this outfit by wearing the pants to his suit with a blue-jean jac­ ket.) Glcnna appears, dash- ing as usual, In a bright pink skirt. Oh, yes, the blousel It’s of an orange jersey material. What really tops the outfit is her red socks to match the 12 strands of red dyed beads around junior class Milton Fish Skclly, ' wo find, is macaroni her neck. In the wo find and Janet Milton, the thrifty sort. He’s still wearing the same pants he'started high school in, and he does- Everybody's Doing It — Going \STEADY\ What is going steady? In different schools the meaning will probably vary, but here are the usual traditions of LCHS. First of all, going steady means that the boy and girl concerned don’t date anyone else during that 'time, and when the boy or girl attend-a show, a dance, or some other activity they usually go together. How can on. tell when someone is going steady? In some schools the students use'friendship or school rings, school sweaters, pins or identification bracelets to give their steady to wear. In LCHS the boy gives the girl his class ring or some other kind. She wears the ring around her 'neck and the boy is minus a. ring. And gals, if you really want to 'adver­ tise the fact that you arc going steady, wear shirts or sweaters just alike, which proclaims him as your manl Where do you start going steady? Maybe this list, taken from LCHS students who arc going steady, will help answer this question. 1. In the study hall. 2. Power Dam road. 3. Sitting in a car in front of the Rcxall Drug Store, Ip. Driving up a back alley. 5. In front of her house. 6. At his house. 7. At his sister’s house. 8. Driving on the old fairgrounds road. 9. Driving on the old Tobacco Siding Rood. 10. In a car at Glen Lake. 'Now that you ore informed on the subject of going steady, match 'the following list with the preceding initials. R.T.-M.G.; M.A,-M.F.; S.B.-S.M.j L.J.-A.B.J L.S.-E.R.; C.G.-J.W.; M.F.-B.S.P.j S.O.-T.W.; C.H.-G.C.; C.B.-D.P. n ’t mind at all if he’s grown at least a foot and a half since then. He wears rubber hip boots and no one can tell. Milt is noted for wearing his grandfather’s old col­ lege coat--thc raccoon kind. He is modern though, perched on his head is an ivy league cap--what else? Janet is following her brother’s foot­ steps and insists on wearing a' now barrel every day,,with fresh­ ly plaintcd letters VOTE REPU6LI CAN IN ’ 6 0 . She has her own person­ alized suspenders to hold up the barrel-hcr own picture designs the pattern. The sophomores that catch our eye arc Carol Hcibein and Bob Burk. Carol is wearing Gene’s sweat-shirt, socks and shoes, and a beautiful cashmere skirt to make a fine combination. Bob is attired in a new \‘Zuit-Suit\ with his football pads to add to it. His biggest highlight is his soa- son-around open— -toc- barc-foot sandals. Virginia Latham and Dexter Schcrmorhcrn. take honors \in the freshman class. Virginia wears a snow-suit, with rabbit cars on the hood. That’s on the warm days. She’s also fam­ ous' for her purple, rod, and orange strip­ ed sundress that she wore throughout Decem­ ber . (Cont on Page 13)

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 07 Feb. 1958, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1958-02-07/ed-1/seq-8/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.