Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, January 25, 1957, Image 8

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BETWEEN THE LIONS by ree.„ Contributions to the- March, of Dimes campaign in this part of the county have been coming in thick and fast. Let's all re­ member that ..polio is not licked yet and it is up to us to help do it. Be turn the card that you received in ' the mail, or send your contriburion 'to D. R„ Bo.slaugh, March of Dimes, Eureka, Mon­ tana . -LCHS- Some of the LCHS students studied hard for the semester exams last Thursday and Fri­ day; others flunked with flying colors. (I did, oh, moan) -LC.HS- Did you notice Gordon Gilmond's switch from the long Elvis locks to a crowcut. What’ s wrong, Gory, don't you like him or IT anymore? -LCHS— Shirley Ripley has a large assortment of ball point pens with colors of ink includ­ ing page blue, bright, blue, blue-black, black, ■ liquid lead, and red. Usually.,' how­ ever, she can't find any of them. • ' -LCHS- Mr. Swanberg can be heard all over the building when he ex­ pounds., Because of this, students in study hall can learn a lot without having to take the social stud­ ies tests. *- LCHS-* Beat W H I T E F I S H E __ The Evergreen _ _ 'KOOL.~KAT~~kOLD ...... Boys of LCHS are goofingl' In front of LCHS there arc usually 20 hopped up rods. As the temperature goes down, hot rods disap­ pear. Zero degrees and above, there ;aro\ about 20 kool •.kats with their hopped up bug­ gies.- Five degrecs'bc- low zero and .about 15 kool kats and. their great rigs. Ten de­ grees below zero and 10 automobiles. Fif­ teen degrees below zero about five stiff rods and drivers drive up and park in front of LCHS. Dig That Termonology Teachers; and students ' alike have a way of picking up pet phrases and using them over and over until they arc as. .noticeable as a girl in a striped blouse, checked skirt and plaid stockings. Here's .a few of them: Maric, Stephenson: (very disgusted with a certain boy with wavy black hair, diligently working on his journ.) \You arc just like a golf course, you have 18 holes- in your head.\ Mrs . Shea: (As she looks contotiplatingly at her shorthand II class) \I hate Mon­ days.\ Girls in chorus: (Ifow finished with Christ­ mas songs for another year) \We all hhd a real nice clam bake. \ (from CAROUSEL.) - Sharon Borup: ( As she .Works on an annual lay-out) \Oh - poopic doodle fc\ Mr. Boalaugh: • (in journalism as he stares at a,certain three jun­ ior girls) ,\Hc'y you, . separate I\ Gerry•Krueger: (as a certain guy pulls her hair or slyly slugs at her) \Kcnncccce S'\ Mr. Swanberg: ( Gat­ ing benignly at his so­ cial studies students) \Dear beloved students, salt on my steak, sug­ ar on my Whoatics . .\ January 25, 195& RIPLEY'S Believe It or Not All but two boys on the first ten of the Lions basketball team have flattops or crew- cuts. Believe it or rot there were three girls exempt from the Typing II class test.. Seventeen LCHS stu­ dents wore schodL sweaters to school Wednesday, January 16. Even girls get kick­ ed out of schooll (Is that so, Sam?) Hobo spells .which as witch. (He must have been ^seeing the mir­ ror. )’ The Evergreen has: more advertisers than any other school pa­ per they receive. We Agree The time .has come and gone for'the yearly ---- semester tests, and here arc some of the opinions of the stu­ dents and teachers of LCHS. Mr. Bos laugh:I think that- they are a very good review and'bring out the important points that have been gone over during the semester. Mrs. Lcstrud:1am very much in favor of the semester tests. I think they constitute the best review of the year, I don't .like to exempt, but will do it . Mr. Tripp: Pm against t he mi l i Herbert Brans come : All r ight - if thcy'rc-c-asy. Glcnna Erickson: I -could sure- do without them. Gc-rry Krueger :I think they stink! ill Chuck Osier :Thcy arc OK but not much good. Kurt Roosc :I hate 'cm. C ’ morr Lions , Lot’ s mete Whitcfish another Libby

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 25 Jan. 1957, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1957-01-25/ed-1/seq-8/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.