Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, December 14, 1956, Image 2

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Page 2 Evergreen M • \'*V- J sb L 5 The Evergreen is publishedbythe journalism. class of Lincoln County High School every two weeks of the school year. Editor. . . . . ...Geraldine KrUcger Circulation Manager . M. Stephenson Business Manager. . Shirley Ripley Production Manager. , H. Branscome Adviser. . . . .Donald R. Boslaugh Drive Carefully This Winter Winter - driving ,is more dangerous than driving at any other time of year. Particu­ lar care of the car should be in prepara­ tion for bad weather., -Bcfofe the cold weather starts, anti­ freeze should be put in the radiator. A good heater,; wind­ shield wipers, and de­ froster are also; ne­ cessities. By lowering a window a little for ventilation the win­ dows and the wind­ shield w ill be kept free of steam and there w ill be no dan­ ger of asphyxiation from carbon monoxide gas,. Snow tires offer veiy good protection.Chains should always be car- rie-d to be used an ice and--show. The most important thing to remember 1 is slow down. Sometimes the highway looks bare but is covered with a thin ctfating of ice. Don’ t try to speed when weather is stormy and vision is poor. Before leaving home on trips of any kind, listen to the radio for road reports. Avoid any unnecessary drives on dangerous, roads. A.Quirk Then photographs for the - Lincoln Lion arrived Saturday, Dec­ ember 8. Lets Let Them Know \ Eureka is, as every town citizen knows, the \Christmas Tree Capitol of the World\. But if you were a tourist and were pass­ ing through Eureka you could easily enough drive right on through without even knowing you were in the Capi­ tol of Christmas Trees. There are two fair sized signs, one a- bout one mile north of Eureka and another a- bout three 'miles southeast, both, on Highway 93, telling the , tourists that Eureka is the\Christ­ mas Tree - Capitol of the World\. The c i t i ­ zens, of Eureka seem to be proud enough of their town’ s title, tut it is not adver­ tized. If the .people would put signs' up on main and softie of the side streets, it would give the tourists a much tetter .idea, that • they are ‘in ;an. import­ ant-'Spot. T. ‘ Keith McCully .•, > ~t — « • 4 Pay Your FinesOr Return The Books Some of the students of LCHS have teen get­ ting books and then not returning them un­ t i l they have to pay a fine. So why don’ t, we .-.get on the ball and get the books in on time in the future. G.Gilmond Respect Your Flag _ ____ December l Lt, 1958 During the basket­ ball season the twirl- era or the-CAP w ill be presenting the flag between games. Most people have the gen­ eral idea., of standing at attention when the flag goes by and men remove their hats but other than that some are rather vague as to what is the correct thing to do. When high school students do the wrong thing is not only reflects on them but also on their - school. Here are a fcw things to remember a- bout showing respect to the flag of your country. 1. When you pay your respect to the flag there should be noth­ ing in-your hands, lay purses, paper, etc. down until afterward. 2. As long as the flag is in motion and can be seen, stand at attention and do not talk. 3. When the flag passes in a parade, salute when it goes by you. U. When the flag is carried into a room or onto the floor (such as a basketball floor) stand and remain standing until it is placed in a stand or carried out. 5. Salute the flag by placing your right hand over your heart, men place their hat on their shoulder with their hand over their heart. People in uni­ form give a military salute. Can We Fix This? The other day one ' of our poor, bedraggled LCHS students had the sad misfortune to be­ come sick and unfortu­ nately rides one of the buses to school. He had to go up to the little end of thei (Cont. on Page 21)

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 14 Dec. 1956, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1956-12-14/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.