Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, April 06, 1956, Image 8

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The\ Evergreen\ 1 i . ' '-fL/ihd 'filths- -7'7:; ' 1 <-•' ■■'■'- *\■'• if^r 10. More than one 1 7 ^ r i ! I - -Vv , /7-.. m h % / c r / 4 - 1«« s > 4 ^ 7 » S 2 i. ____ ____ __________ | .1 Net hir f - x i- •' ‘ •. .- ■■ * - c f. •' ' ' poor- :c c ' * v » - i %**. i i- ! • ‘ „ a l ' » o K i RIPLEY'S 10. More than one eat­ ing utensil. 11. Largo forest area* 12. Better. ; \ ' V: 13. Lots of fu e l. 1 / . Tree. 15o Pampas. 1“ you had . 15-11 rignt, you're cookin' on the front burner? 6-10 correct, you're do-do-doin1 okay? 5-2 right, w e l l ..; and 0-1 correct go back to Id aho 11 7ins'wer3..p.”l Lt-) Beiieve ll or Not The kids on \Doc\ We.bb • s bus saw five swans or: the way to school March 27- There were two seniors/ on school Mir ch' 26 c There was only one teacher in the lower hall Friday, March 2 3 , and no teachers in the upper hallo (You sheulo. f :.&Va sean that poor stiady hail * \ j There ar a 1 A. V 0 LCHS g irl\ ivear Y'- or • — 0 real engage 0; “f\ J v*»7 ; ri 4» Two Li ** m , - n -J ■. ..V-*- i unior s had f * ro r . p IC c ur 0 . J ox: the ■\ ’> s f \ y \ i ' J . X O J . : . b pare 0 J 3 ■ the Tne snow ir a . •! *, gone and the id e str eets are starting to dry up <3 (I don’ t suppose VQlj will belie ye this bonau :e 1 6i<in * t at f * v> a t , and then I rem- amber od that “T* J. had my eyes checked last month H ot /*s Y o i : r Jog raphy > 9 How ai a you on 1 the §3 ography of Montana? See i f . you can name the Montana towns from thei descr iptions given Del or- i '■* J: O Color! ess cfeature. 2 Beal in •£ - o r . A Hi! 1, H-c, Mora then one way to cro 3 s a stream. >0 Gutnor ■1 yj t.* up of 1 i r, 3 st cck. 6C Lax- go 0 at ar a c t. 7c Helen ' s c.lt y ’ 3o ■ 0 u s \U about burning. * Explos ion of heav- d d p ? pinky ’ s QUOTE OF THE WEEK????? Marie Stephenson was seen spelling pantomines wrong. I suppose you wonder how she spelled i t ; well, it was like this—*-— PANTS-0-MINE. courtesy of Rip. Here's Those Apr jUtes As the showery month of April goes into swing the' lis t of birthdays, shows that 18 students from LCHS have their names on this l i s t . The juniors lead this time with seven. Bruce Kaufman 2 C ar 1 J ohns on 10 Keith McCully lb Linda Stevens 18 Rita Graham 22 Shirley DeShazer 2b Marie Stephenson 2b Next come the soph­ omores with fiv e , Mary Ellen Frost 2 Lorna Johnson 12 Thelma Kaut zman 17 Gene McKenzie . 22 John Shay 26 The seniors and the freshmen tied with three each. Seniors: Shirley Farley 10 Shirley McKenzie 10 Audrey Alverson 18 Freshmen: Sally Nelson 6 Don Benefield 16 Ronnie St. Ongo 26 . ........ ■-•ApriT\67 .. 1956' .... Love Thosepp. 'Seniors y V y / ' With a l l the seniors c gone- on their sneak, •E the place . seems kind B of dead. Monday, March 26 ',* was the first day they were gone and to most of the LCHS’ ers this day w ill be re­ membered for quite some time. It brings the thought to most of us that next year a ll of these seniors w ill not only be away for a week b t that they w ill be with us no more. With the whole school so dreary, I recall some of the high points we aro missing. Mary Ann and her charming personality and radiant smile are missed by everyone. We don’ t see Mary Lou and Joyce, who have the quality of being every where at once. B illie and W illie aren’ t a- round, so some of us don't have to guess who is who. Wallace^ loud bellow isn 't heard through the h a lls. The journalism (Cont. on page lb) It's Hopeless, Mrs. Shea ! Deni SaL y; W ill, i gues s I I ’ 1 writea letted to you/ and 53oo yo^ wh at i havebeen Doing lattaly. Iam leari ng hog to &3rxx typ e anditis reIlly fun. HAve ylu be'n tauvht hoq to yse the typ ew riter yet$lT x z ux« isa 1 ot of fUn sin t ' i t . Iam gitt ng rEaly tooo grades in tiping. I ; can write 120/cwpm fo and that si fats for our class, be Cuaes 23 aU3 oq2q^8ht562 tha drils and\ thise allway tale alot of tyne. Mist g£3 for nwo as itisth s end of//thes periol. Lobe, SuSy- y : A i A e / r A T T o * ; 0 A / - /

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 06 April 1956, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1956-04-06/ed-1/seq-8/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.