Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, April 06, 1956, Image 10

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Page 10 The Evergreen April 6, 1956 Senior Trip ( C o n ’t-Pg, 1) About 20 miles from Spokane, vie stopped at ilbeni Falls wjaere v€>; lade a tour of th ' lam. While vfe:(:■ ] | p e r ;here, Ava Lynn ^ r a ..__jbhe._el e v a i a i L __ aiicL_g ave. ps some thrills, i We arrived in S p o ­ kane about 3;30 p.m. That night, vie a t ­ tended the Sports Show at the Coliseum. This show was sponsored by the Spokesman-Review Charities. It was com­ posed of over 200 ex­ hibits from many of s s ~ h b u s e s ~ T h ~ ... S p o k a h e 3.\ - hes-id e-s e xhi— - bits frOffi ahS many other organiza­ tions. Mr. and Mrs, Guy Brock of Rexford, had a ’ booth for their \ ' ' d e j £ 2 >-horn, . s t a g - h o r n , and moose— h o r n jewel­ ry. Therb wa s - a v e r y large display of boats, , almost every kind imaginable. Outside, there was a trailer house, a jet, and a helecopter. Also there was a buf­ falo, and ’a cross­ breed of either a cow and a deer or a cow and an elk. They weren't sure which. •For entertainment, there was a big fish pond. Many of the fish had lucky numbers on them and if they were caught, the fisherman won a prize. At the end of the Show, there was a stage show com­ posed . of the Mills Brothers, an acrobatic act, a girl and her retrievers, a man from Kalispell who perform­ ed with his horse and a bear, and several other interesting a c t s . One afternoon, the seniors went to the Geiger Field and watched the planes come in and take off. Afterwards we went to a TV station and watched them put on ,two shows, ( C o n ' t P a g o 12) E u r e k a n s F o r m e r L C R S e r s (Con't from Page b) from the high school that burnt down in Eureka before they b u i l t g-ood- old LCHS. These parents and'Ithelf:]sonSv and daughters ' -aro^G^orge Shea m n o n ;; /a ?. n ier McRae Jack of Jpfat , stip-father of Jtevens-,- .-mother a • M a r g i r e t •. I!v ye aria a n$v j - T br.h Carl -of Johnson, Earl Angus and -Mrs„ -Willie-— -a-nd-J S t e v e n s . Mrs. C. J. Crossley is the only mother that graduated in 1932 that has any children attending school for her second year of high school. This is the sophomore class secretary, Gail Carpenter. In 1 9 3 3 there was five students that graduated from the old high school that have any children attending L C H S at the present. These are Mrs. Lyle Douglas, mother of Sharon D oug la s Mr s . _Laird_ __ Byers, mother of Ke iiJi. ■“MeCully v 3 p r i s o n , Father o$ g g i R ^ t l i i a A . 2 2 *7- and' As we peek back into the year of 1 9 3 ’+ we only see one face in that graduating c;ass that is familiar to us as one of the freshman girls' mothers. This graduate is Mrs. Bryon Olson, and she is the mother of Ilia Ann Olson. In 1935 when the old high school burnt there were three mothers that graduated now have three daughters in L C H S . These Mrs. Louie Yoppe, mother of E l l a Jean, Sylvester Frost, mother of Sandra Frost, Mrs. Vic Peltier mother of Carol and Faye. Last but not least we see way back in the graduating class of 1937 the parents of seven L C H S students. These parents and cheir sons and daughters are Mrs. Harvey Swenson, step— mother of Norma Swenson, Mrs. Andrian Voerman, mother of Elizabeth Himmesoete, Mrs* Angus down and are M r s . and Johnson, and Mr and of McRae, mother of Carl Mrs. Lloyd West, the mother and father Fr a n k and David. The names of the mothers of these are the names that they go by at the time, not their maiden names that most all of them had in high school. If there are any names left out story that should be listed in here -I am sorry but some of the records that this infoimaticn would come from burnt up in the old L C H S , * . Shirley Ripley., s cud ents present likely, of this

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 06 April 1956, located at <http://www.montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1956-04-06/ed-1/seq-10/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.